Top 20 NuGet environment Packages

Setup test environment via docker compose. Simple IDE based run and run under CI.
Typed and validated application configuration settings. Allows backup configuration such as parent / child settings. Based off ConfigurationManager, JSON, and Environment Variables.
A dotnet library for parsing .env files and optionally injecting their variables into the environment.
The Win32 Utility Library provides Windows-specific support classes.
BCL(Base classes library) - base classes, enums, extensions for 4D Team packages associated with the following themes validation, environment, app process details, app base url model, client app http routing. Link to the DDDD.BCL package sources
Integration which utilizes Consul and pandora to setup configurations
Allows to maintain several connections to epifind within a single config.
Angular Environment (angular-environment) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A basic key/value Configuration Builder for the .Net Framework that draws from environment variables.
Jest Environment Puppeteer (jest-environment-puppeteer) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Injects values into config files directly or via environment variables. Can inject app settings, connection strings, or WCF client endpoints.
Companion assemblies for Environment Vault
A simple dashboard for displaying environment specific information.
Abstractions to install a serilog log system with different configurable outputs
Library to help when accessing environment variables.
Environment and configuration diagnostics utilities class library for status pages. We believe it is a single the most important thing to have setup on any project with complex environment dependencies and configuration. See Status Page project on for an ex...