Top 20 NuGet encryption Packages

Small library for password encryption using salting and hashing as well as other nifty crypto functionalities
A library of methods to assist with encryption
Configuration manager powered by Windows Data Protection API.
Object / Document peer to peer database for Mono.
A basic helper library for symmetric encryption, hashing, and crypto random number generation.
C# client library for using Zender API's to send mail. Zender has been built from the ground up as a Web API. It is built to serve developers and make it easy to send email. Send unlimited emails, no credit card needed. Register to get an API Key and start using Zender client API: http://zender.shar...
Caelan framework for password encryption
Do you find encryption hard? How about doing it in a best practice fashion? Good, so do I, that's why we've spent some time researching a best practice way of doing it, and wrapping it in an easy to use package. The idea behind Confuzzle is to provide a few really simple methods of encrypting text f...
An easy encryption commandline and csharp library.
Provides an API to encrypt/decrypt using DPAPI and MachineKey encryption
Bitifier.RsaEncryption simplifies encryption of secrets using RSA and X509 certificates.
Bitifier.Configuration simplifies centralized configuration.
An abstraction of AES encryption to provide API surface compatibility between .NET Framework and UWP apps.
Encryption classes used by Real Web Developers
An easy-to-use crypto API.
Extension to Rock.Encryption - allows properties marked with the [Encrypt] attribute to be encrypted during an XSerializer serialization operation.
Provides .NET AES CTS CBC Implementation.
Security Tools and Encryption
Provides complementary cryptographic functions to .NET Framework such as AES CTS, NFold, LCM, GCD, MD4, and bit rotations.
SQLite3 intergrated with wxSQLite3 encryption part for UWP. You can use a C# wrapper (SQLitePCLRaw etc.) to call the output sqlite3.dll.