Top 20 NuGet encryption Packages

A secure cryptographic library for .net core projects targeting .net framework
Encrypts and decrypts data.
Basic string Encryption and Decryption tool.
A basic string Encryptor
Authentication and encryption class library: Authenticated encryption (AE), Secure Remote Password (SRP) and SSL/TLS
An extension of ASP .NET Identity system to work with Always Encrypted feature.
EnKrypt.Standard is a simple encryption library using a complex shift algorithm.
Implements the ChaCha20, Poly1305 and AEAD_CHACHA20_POLY1305 algorithms, as defined in RFC 8439
Syncfusion Dashboard Encryption is a .NET standard library used to encrypt the user information such as database connection string, username, password for security purposes. This can be used while embedding ejdashboardviewer in any of the .NET application and while utilizing its API functionalities....
An assembly to assist with easing cryptographic functions and/or to encourage their use.