Top 20 NuGet encryption Packages

Contains common functionality used by other Quantum Concepts assemblies.
Contains common functionality used by other Quantum Concepts assemblies.
Build for internal organization.also anyone think it is useful to them can use this utility. this utility contains Encryption Algorithams,String SQL Where Clause builder and Linq Dynamic Where Clause builder.Conversions like object to string,Base 64 to Object and reverse.Randome OTP generator
# Encryption Classe responsável por criptografar e descriptografar dados ou mensagens.
ObjectStorage is a small extendable library with fluent API for creating storages for .net object.
Provides primitives for encryped connections.
Implements the Tiny Encryption Algorithm in C#
.NET Library for Encryption/Decryption. Usage: Encrypting file using AES (256 bits): CyberCrypt._AES256.EncryptFile("C:\example.txt", "YourPassword") Decrypting file using AES (256 bits): CyberCrypt._AES256.DecryptFile("C:\example.txt", "YourPassword") Hashing string using SHA512: CyberCrypt._SH...
Collection of models, abstractions, and providers to facilitate persistance to cloud services.
A Library for en/decrypting text to Images
Easy, straightforward PGP wrapper for .NET Framework / .NET Core.
Azure Key Vault based message encryption support for MassTransit
Library of common resources to be used in projects and services.
Utility for encrypting and validating encrypted data. Also includes methods to encrypt and decrypt using Rijndael and methods to generate SecureString objects.
A library to make it easier to leverage crypto operations inside .NET. Use it for symmetric encryption and decryption. For properly hashing passwords (and that means properly in accordance to a "Troy Hunt" standard in .NET -- NOT endorsed by him by the way). This library also brings along some basic...
FxSocket Data Encryption is a library for .NET which let you add data encryption and decryption capability to your .NET applications. It can be integrated into WinForms, Console, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, UWP, WPF, MVC, and ASP.NET. It does not depend on any 3rd party tools or libraries. . It s...
SIMON and SPECK are families of lightweight block ciphers; those block ciphers are efficient and provide high performances across a wide range of devices. This package includes classes that allow you to encrypt and decrypt using native libraries that are using SIMD such as AVX2 or NEON.
Lightweight helper library to perform common cryptographic operations. This helper library is wrapper from existing .NET framework library. This library requires .NET Framework 4.5+.
Super-easy DPAPI-based encrypted configuration helper
Library allowing encryption and decryption of strings.