Top 20 NuGet encryption Packages

Lightweight json-based app and user settings, with support for DPAPI encryption
HenkEncrypt can be used to encrypt strings, byte arrays, files and folders. HenkEncrypt is easy to use and advanced, it can be used with AES and the other symmetric algorithms. Look for a example at my github:
Banana tools
File Encryption Decryption Plugin for Xamarin
Cronus Encryption entity framework 6 library. Enable on the fly data encryption and decryption for your entity framework project.
Collection of some of WPF helper functions and controls.
A library for encrypting and decrypting strings using AES.
Lucene implementation that intercepts the data flowing to the underlying storage
Modern, free, open-source, professionally audited .NET crypto library.
Google Keyczar Library compatible implementation in .NET
Rijndael256 makes encrypting data and files a breeze with the AES symmetric-key cipher Rijndael. Features: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, Authenticated Encryption (AE), Encrypt-then-MAC (EtM), SHA-512, PBKDF2.
Portable Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Silverlight 8 and .NET framework platforms based on PCLCrypto portable crypto layer Supported algorithms Signing: - HMAC signatures with HS256, HS384 and HS512...
Features: * The package uses industry strong cryptographic algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing included in the .NET framework. * It is very easy to integrate with a Dependency Injection container like Unity, i.e. the behaviors are abstracted with a handful of simpl...
Neo Systems .NET libraries
.NET Standard 1.3 implementation of the Noise Protocol Framework (revision 33 of the spec)
Simplifies data encryption and decryption, removing the need to handle byte arrays, memory slices and other low level implementation details.
In the programming world the developers must have to note some common functions/methods into somewhere in mind or maintain notebook. This AT.Common library provides those kind of common functions/methods and it reduces 30% developers coding time. I am not saying that AT.Common libary has provided ve...
Cronus Encryption Core library. Cryptography, key rotation and management, data breach prevention and mitigation.
A small helper library to encrypt, decrypt and authenticate streams
Library implementing PangYa's transport encryption