Top 20 NuGet email Packages

A .NET 4 wrapper for MailChimp's Amazon Simple Email Service. MailChimp have added some nice extra features to Amazon's service and this wrapper makes it really easy to use in your .NET projects.
Require email confirmation in ASP.NET MVC3 registration. Updated for AppHarbor.
A basic razor template building and email sending library. Simply provide a path location to .cshtml files and your mail server configuration information.
C# library for queuing emails in a database and sending asynchronously
Some helpful methods and utilities for ASP.NET MVC Application
Pattern for software integration with cloud based email service provider list management processes. Most list management services offer email based SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE methods to add / remove users to mailing lists. This library provides a general pattern / interface for integration with such ...
Pattern for software development requiring email template / merge content functionality.
WP8 and WP7 SMTP client library to send emails without using the EmailComposeTask, and attach any type of file. Main Features: • connects to Microsoft Live, Gmail or to a custom SMTP mail server (SSL/TLS compatible). • supports any kind of attachment, from resource or isolated storage: pdf, mp3, w...
Email (MIME) parser and composer component that 100% compatible with RFC822 and MIME standards. Supports field encoding/decoding, attachment extraction, SMTP, extra large messages, infinite MIME streams. Ideal for custom spam filters, automatic emails processing, mail servers. This is FREE communi...
An adapter for MMBot for Exchange email messaging
This library makes it possible to create an ExactTarget email from a specified template with a content area.
ActionMailerNext is a painless way of using razor view to render emails. This version runs with ASP.MVC 5.1. ActionMailerNext is a continuation of the ActionMailer.Net project.
ActionMailerNext is a painless way of using razor view to render emails. This version runs with ASP.MVC 5. ActionMailerNext is a continuation of the ActionMailer.Net project
Mail4Net allows you to create and manage email templates, send email to a SMTP server, save emails to a folder or to a SQL Server database. It also allows you to unit test your email sending code.
Easy to use libray to send templated emails with sendgrid
Install this assembly in aspnet project
Library to generate Mock (Dummy) Data. - Country Specific Values: USA, Netherlands, Belgium. - New functionality: SimpleGenerator (Static methods for single fields)
OneAutomata Messaging Client is the latest messaging queue library that works with centralized messaging. Send emails, iCal events, FTP files, web service calls and tweets to the messaging queue for immediate or delayed delivery. Requires OneAutomata Web (FREE) to store and receive messages, view m...
Email Composer for Xamarin.Forms
A Mailgun F# HTTPS API wrapper