Top 20 NuGet email Packages

We've added a new destination listener extension for ReflectInsight for sending emails. This new destination listener extension is called ReflectSoftware.Insight.Listeners.Email and allows you to send logging messages via email. This is typically done for Exceptions, Errors and Fatal messages types ...
RazorMailMessage enables you to create .NET MailMessage objects based on Razor templates without a depedency on ASP.NET MVC. Support for layouts, sections, viewbag and multi-part messages.
Use this component where automated Aweber list management is needed from, for example, back end services such as user registration in web applications. **ABOUT** Aweber offers excellent email campaign list management services and is mainly geared for capturing email addresses via its own javascript...
Litmus Previews Api Library
This library simplifies the creation and triggering of ExactTarget "Triggered Send Definitions" via the ExactTarget API.
Generate emails using ASP.NET MVC views
Examples of semantic classes, including EmailAddress, BirthDate and Amount.
A library for sending sms messages, making calls and sending emails through OTS Platform
This package provides email storage using either XML file store or Entitiy Framework. It also provides a robust and simple mail binding and merging facilities.
Contains the Asp.Net Mvc implementations for Notification Classes and Razor Based Email Templates Parser and Renderer that should be used when adding support for Rich - content notifications to Cubisima Asp.Net Mvc Applications.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Messaging is a plug-in for platform-independent communication (email, telephone, sms).
This package installs the Eleflex.Email.Messages component. It allows service communication for Email Module service commands. The Email Module provides distributed storage and sending of emails.
SMTP mailing service using DotLiquid as templating engine, supporting poco viewmodels as well as anonymous objects.
Aspose.Email Cloud is a REST API for creating email applications that work with common email file formats. It lets developers manipulate message formats such as Outlook MSG, EML and MHT files.
Adds a unity integration to Fluent Mailer
Module for sending emails via smtp with fluent interface
TPJ E-mail library - Easily send e-mails, light weight, easy to setup!
The ActiveCampaign API .NET wrapper.
.NET Core E-mail client library. Commonly used types: GuardRex.RexMail.Message
Plugin for simple creating and sending emails