Top 20 NuGet email Packages

Implementation of's write-only API for .NET.
ActionMailerNext is a painless way of using razor view to render emails. This version runs with ASP.MVC 4. ActionMailerNext is a continuation of the ActionMailer.Net project
Common framework containing utilities and extension methods for fast development.
SimpleMail is a library wrapper designed to simplify sending an email. It is .Net Core compatible.
Provides simple access to Mailgun's REST API from .Net applications: Send messages, create web hooks, manage mailboxes, etc.
Componente transversal de la arquitectura. Contiene un conjunto de clases que implementan los contratos para operaciones de cache, seguridad, loggin, operaciones con archivos, email, etc.
This package installs the Eleflex.Email.WebServer component. This is the main web application host for an ELEFLEX solution and hosts all service commands and processes for the Email Module. This package is intended to be installed on an ASP.NET Web Application (Empty Template) project. The Email Mod...
Conjunto de soluções para ajudar no desenvolvimento de projetos.
Multipurpose universal utilities library so you don't have to write your own utils for every project. Includes extensions, encapsulation of logging and encryption, basic datareader-to-POCO mapping, a mailer throttle, and strongly-typed API callers.
Version 3 client library package for email verification service powered by This package contains client service for real time email verification services. Find out more about enterprise grade email address validation and get a free trial license key at
ASP.Net vNext Email Sender
Provides integration to SendGrid - Transactional Email from Mailchimp
Provides integration to Mandrill - Transactional Email from Mailchimp
Simple MailMessage generator to allow for presistent emails with template binding using SmartFormat.
This Packet Created For Send Fast Email
A fork of EricJWHuang's EmailReplyParser for .NET with support for Dutch email conventions.
A simple command line tool to help you organise your secret santa picking by feeding in a list of participants and then emailing each person to tell them who they're a secret Santa for
Integration testing against e-mail almost always sucks. EmbeddedMail doesn't remove all of that pain, but it certainly helps it suck less by providing an in-memory SMTP server that you can assert on.
An SMTP client for WinRT and UWP. Send emails from within your Windows Store and Windows Phone app.
ASP.NET Mvc Common components that every developer needs.