Top 20 NuGet email Packages

Plugin for simple creating and sending emails
Plugin for simple creating and sending emails
Mailer for .net, support template, smpt and mailgun transport
A very standard and powerful library for sending email in your applications with C# language.
NChronicle is an extensible logging and output library allowing centralized management and distribution of log messages to a number of logging destinations (known as 'Libraries'). NChronicle.SMTP is a comprehensive SMTP email Library sending log messages in customizable email messages. It includes ...
Doc Conversion API offers an HTML5-based document viewer that allows developers, administrators and site owners to easily display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Email and PowerPoint (As well as some others) inside web applications, websites, mobile and desktop applications. The viewer requires no cli...
An object-oriented .NET wrapper for Drip's REST API v2.0. This implementation supports both synchronous and Task-based asynchronous calling semantics.
Sarbacane SDK to send e-mail and text messages (sms).
AsNet.Shared es una librería que contiene funcionalidad de código comun como Clases de Cliente para simplificar conexión con Servicio wApi, Entidades de Resultado de capa de datos, negocio y helpers, Integración con Reporting Services, Extensiones de Lenguaje .Net, Image Tools, Criptografía, etc.
Lykke libriary for sending serialized emails to the blob storage and adding events in azure storage
Build a long-lasting communication with your customers. Marketing automation and email marketing are the two most powerful channels.
VerioCheck Contact Validation and Identity Verification API
Email server that sends mail from .Net Applications to multiple recipients, download mails e.t.c. For suggestions and comments, please send mails to
NetStandard implementation of actions that you can do on a Contact: Call, Sms, Email
NeverBounce is a realtime email verification service. Our verification API allows you to create Custom Integrations to add email verification to any part of your software. We offer solutions for verifying individual emails as well as lists containing hundreds or even millions of emails. This librar...
Email Validator (email-validator) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Email Templates (email-templates) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Email Addresses (email-addresses) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Disposable Email Domains (disposable-email-domains) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Cordova Plugin Email Composer (cordova-plugin-email-composer) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.