Top 20 NuGet dictionary Packages

XML XSerializer's XML serialization handles properties and types that the System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer does not handle, such as interfaces and dictionaries. It is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the BCL XmlSerializer - it uses the same attributes: [XmlElement], [XmlAttribute], etc. ...
Crawler-Lib NHunspell is a spell check, hyphenation, word stemming and thesaurus library based on the Open Office spell check library Hunspell. NHunspell can use the vast amount of OpenOffice dictionaries. It is an alternative to NetSpell, GNU Aspell, ISpell, PSpell and Enchant. It wraps the native ...
A library containing useful data structures like Trees, Tries, Sparse Arrays, Bloom Filters and indexing tailored dictionaries.
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion UWP Spell Checker control and more.
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WPF SpellChecker control and more.
Helper utility to convert Newtonsoft JObjects recursively to dictionaries, most especially useful when coupled with PeanutButter.DuckTyping, which can duck onto dictionaries, without having to make PeanutButter.DuckTyping depend unecessarily on Newtonsoft.Json
Flatten a JSON.NET JObject to a Dictionary<string, object> and vice versa.
Serialization logic used by OBC assets, provides both Binary and String serialization in a string/string dictionary.
==CSharpTest.Net.Collections== * BPlusTree - a fairly full featured IDictionary backed by a B+Tree on disk. * BTreeDictionary - a fully in-memory IDictionary implemented by a B+Tree. * BTreeList - an in-memory IList using a B+Tree for storage and access. * LurchTable - Least Used Recently Concurre...
A set of useful libraries for many kinds of .NET developers, starting with Loyc.Essentials, a library that "fills in the gaps" in the core of the .NET Base Class Library. LoycCore is especially focused on collections: classes, interfaces, adapters, and extension methods. Plus, Loyc.Syntax.dll parses...
Loyc.Collections is a library of sophisticated data structures that implement standard .NET collection interfaces. It includes ALists, VLists, hash tree types (Set<T>, MSet<T>, Map<K,V> and MMap<K,V>), and min/max heaps.
Collection extensions and custom collections for .NET.
Abp data dictionary module.
Abp data dictionary module.
Abp data dictionary module.
Many utilities like: enumeration, hash, json (extension newtonsoft), regex, signature, string, uri, dictionary, etc
Class library with specialized collections to model graphs, queues, multi-value dictionaries and such.
A library of interfaces, extension methods, and small bits of functionality that are useful in almost any software project, according to the theme "things that should be built into the .NET framework, but aren’t". At least half of Loyc.Essentials is devoted to collections: collection interf...
Set of extended collections related functionality.