Top 20 NuGet ddd Packages

A micro library for easily creating C# classes with value semantics. No need to override Equals, GetHashCode, et all.
Package Description
Package Description
The specification Pattern is a great way to validate complex business rules in Domain. p.s.: .Net Core version from Eduardo Pires DomainValidation package.
A light weight framework that provides implementations of commonly used design patterns for applications using a Domain Driven Design approach.
A NCommon container adapter for Castle Windsor
NCommon data adapter for Linq To Sql
NLite Domain Framework 简称NDF, 是一个轻量级的服务分发器框架,该框架以业务逻辑的高内聚,高复用性,高松耦合和便捷的可测试性为宗旨,支持嵌入式和分布式部署, 支持 Mvc,WebForm, Winform等,以NLite组件为基础, 支持服务别名,方法别名,方法重载,方法参数的自动绑定,校验功能和Filter等扩展功能。 NDF和 MVC
Skahal's infrastructure framework used in games (destop, web, iOS and Android) and apps (OSX, Win and iOS).
Defines an abstraction for an event store that supports a transactionally consist group of events.
A simple domain driven data access library. Sample template and class provided.
Base classes to implement a Domain Model also using DDD (Domain Driven Development) and to abstract the ORM or the storage and change it simply.
Projac provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring projections.
A library that implements an InMemory repository and unit of work
Plug-In containing implementations for base entity types.
Implementación de la capa de acceso a datos utilizando EntityFramework
This is a practical b/s application framework that is based on DDD.
The library for EntityFramework based on Domain Driven Design pattern allows to maximize the scalability and flexibility for the complex applications. Providing the repository and factory design pattern for EntityFramework and EntityFrameworkCore. - Why should develop the Repository for...
Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD framework for modern C#/.NET applications. Rebus (service bus) messaging integration package.