Top 20 NuGet ddd Packages

Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD framework for modern C#/.NET applications. Entity Framework 6 (EF6) IQueryable converters for async ASP.NET Web API OData.
定义MediaFile值对象 封装Oss的扩展方案
Library for simple event sourcing
A library for creating event-driven micro-services that centers around a micro-service processor that can handle commands, events and queries. Given its design, it also lends itself quite nicely to apply patterns such as CQRS and Domain-Driven Design.
Java Persistence API style Repository. Define repository interface without implementation. The package will handle everything for you.
Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD framework for modern C#/.NET applications. Framework infrastruture package - event stores, projections, jobs, etc.
This package includes helper code for domain-driven design.
Foundational classes and helpers for my WPF based projects.
A framework that helps the use of DDD patterns and implementing the infrastructure with NHibernate and FluentNHibernate.
EventStore.Client.FSharp is a NuGet that adds a F#-ideomatic interface on top of EventStore
A library that implements an EntityFramework Code first repository and unit of work
A general purpose library for speeding up the development of .NET applications, especially targeting event-driven applications. Source code and general guidance on how to use this framework can be found here:
An Unity-based type resolver for Postie
A Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection-based type resolver for Postie
J3DI is a Domain-Driven Design framework for .NET Core and is intended to be minimalistic & cross-platform. This package, J3DI.Domain, is the foundation and may be used stand-alone.
This library contains an EventStoreDomainRepository based on a DomainRepository base class contained in 'Evento' library. The two libraries combined are used to build Event Sourced components interacting with EventStore database
Library for simple event sourcing
Extensions to add in functionality to build queries on classes.
Client for Zaaby framework.