Top 20 NuGet csharp Packages

Adds extra functionality for iTextSharp - support for PDF 2.
Adds PDF/A-related functionality for iTextSharp.
A C# to JavaScript compiler. Write modern mobile and web apps in C#. Run them anywhere with JavaScript.
pdfCalligraph is an iText 7 add-on that lets you create and extract content from PDF files with advanced typography features and non-Latin writing systems.
TeeChart.NET Pro Charting Components offer full cross-platform support for .NET desktops, WPF and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Javascript Library for ASP.NET, MVC and NetCore 2.
Roslyn.Diagnostics Analyzers
Analyzers built using the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) for Roslyn.sln.
Wrapper for API (REST & WebSocket)
Official C# client library for Knoema's API
The Pdf4me Client API is a .NET library which connects to its highly scalable SaaS cloud service with many functionalities to solve your document and PDF requirements. The SaaS api provides expert functionality to convert, optimize, compress, produce, merge, split, ocr, enrich, archive, print docume...
A complete, ligthweight and self-contained .NET Standard 2.0 offline exception logging library, powered by Realm
This package includes the Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication assembly for nanoFramework C# projects.
Provides abstract multi-dimensional modeling artifacts like classifiers, value types, and other model elements. Check the documentation and the samples from and Kepha...
This package includes the nanoFramework.Hardware.Esp32 assembly for nanoFramework C# projects. The nanoFramework.Hardware.Esp32 assembly contains functions specific to the ESP32 device.
FSharpx is a library for the .NET platform implementing general functional constructs on top of the F# core library. Its main target is F# but it aims to be compatible with all .NET languages wherever possible. It currently implements: * Several standard monads: State, Reader, Writer, Either, Cont...
iText Asian fonts for use in conjunction with iText 7, an open source PDF library
This package includes the Windows.Devices.Gpio assembly for nanoFramework C# projects.
A shared package used by the Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"). Do not install this package manually, it will be added as a prerequisite by other packages that require it. More details at This package was built from the source at https://g...
Microsoft FxCop rules implemented as analyzers using the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn).
Dotnet CLI tool allowing you to run C# (CSX) scripts.