Top 20 NuGet csharp Packages

Breakdance is a testing framework for managing the dangerous dance of shipping public APIs. This package helps generate public API reports for any .NET assembly, and compare them against a prior unit test run. That way, if something in the API surface changed, the unit test will fail. ...
Console-based user interface toolkit for .NET applications.
.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") support for analyzing MSBuild projects and solutions. This should be used with at least one of the following packages to add the appropriate language support: - Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Workspaces - Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.VisualBasic.Workspace...
A build automation system using C# build scripts.
Giving Windows C# developers easy access to NVIDIA's CUDA.
A C# Library to access the EVE Online ESI API
Vantiv XML Express for .NET (VXEN) is a .NET based SDK for interacting with the Vantiv XML Express API.
Developing a C# wrapper to help developer easily create and train deep neural network models. Easy to use library, just focus on research Multiple backend - ArrayFire (In Progress), TensorSharp (In Progress), CNTK (Not Started), TensorFlow (Not Started), MxNet (Not Started) CUDA/ OpenCL support for...
Analyzers built using the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) for Roslyn.sln.
CSharp Client Library for the Cogniac Public API
This package includes the nanoFramework.Windows.Storage assembly for nanoFramework C# projects.
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis Version Check Analyzer
This is an open source helper library which you can use to communicate with your ZigBee-based TradFri gateway
Provides abstract multi-dimensional modeling artifacts like classifiers, value types, and other model elements. Check the documentation and the samples from and Kepha...
TeeChart.NET Pro Charting Components offer full cross-platform support for .NET desktops, WPF and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Javascript Library for ASP.NET, MVC and NetCore 2.
Logger for .NET Core Apps
Package Description
This package helps to generate client proxy for an api using the Refit library. It adds cache and retries using Polly to the generated proxies. User logic can also be added as wrappers to the requests or to the method calls.
Bootstrap installation into Bridge.NET projects.
jQuery 2 installation into Bridge.NET projects.