Top 20 NuGet automation Packages

Provides basic connectivity to the PLC system via pre-compiled .net classes that replicate the structure of the actual PLC program.
Extension libraries that provide formatters for code factory models to C#
Extension libraries the provide CodeFactory automation support for the CommonDeliveryFramework libraries. For use with the CodeFactory SDK.
Extension libraries the provide common extensibility for developers using the CodeFactory SDK.
This .NET Standard package provides convenient access to the Local API REST interface of the Kameleo Client.
SimpleBrowser is a lightweight, yet highly capable browser automation engine designed for automation and testing scenarios.
NUnit matchers for Coypu. Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5+ - .NET Standard 2.0+ - .NET Core 2.0
Various utility methods for Selenium from .NET. (Use jQuery or Sizzle css selectors, wait on ajax operations, check client-side exceptions, switch to/from new window)
This is a test package created by the NuGet Team. Please disregard it. The package test this scenario: A dialog is prompted with a error message claiming min client version is not met and a Upgrade NuGet button.
Friendly Common Interfaces. You can access the target application using the interface defined by this.
Programatically control Local DB.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language. This package is built with options that make it more suitable for use with Mono. Features specific to Windows and/or the .NET Framework will be unavailable.
A fast and simple Sikuli wrapper for .Net
Automates the building of CRUD view models from decorated class definitions
Package provides a ready to use SpecFlow steps for all commonly used actions based on WebAutomation framework. For more details see Project Site.
Z-Wave Home Automation library (.NET / Mono) Features - Works with most Z-Wave serial controllers - 100% managed code implementation - Event driven - Hot plug - Automatically restabilish connection on error/disconnect - Compatible with Mono [Source Code and Home Page]
NuPack create a nuget package on build action for .NET 4.0+
Visual Testing framework to allow tests written in Selenium to compare screenshots and highlight any differences
Extensions and Helpers for WebDriver based automation framework
Integration testing framework for developers. TestR allows automating testing of web applications. Adds PowerShell features that are not part of the regular deployment.