Top 20 NuGet automation Packages

FAKE - F# Make - is a build automation tool for .NET. Tasks and dependencies are specified in a DSL which is integrated in F#. FAKE helper functions as library
TestStack.White.ScreenObjects adds support for the Page Object Pattern, allowing you to write clean maintainable UI Tests
Why waste time developing and bloating your templates with repetative form html. Instead just specify a schema for the form, and the model you want to bind it to and you're done! Check the project site for details and examples.
You will be able to get the desired window. This library is built on Friendly Layer.
This is used for test automation of Windows applications. You can call the API of separate process from outside.
Bumblebee is a .NET layer on top of the Selenium browser automation framework allowing for standardized creation of page objects, even for dynamic web pages.
FAKE - F# Make - is a build automation tool for .NET. Tasks and dependencies are specified in a DSL which is integrated in F#. Extensions for Gallio
Control everything: Visual Studio, MSBuild Tools, CI, and more. Event-Catcher with variety of advanced Actions to service projects, libraries, build processes, runtime environment of the Visual Studio, MSBuild Tools, and … ⚠ Modern Official Packages will be distributed as
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language. This package contains the MSBuild tasks and PowerShell cmdlets that enable integration [with Eagle] as well as the command-line shell [for Eagle].
This package is deprecated and has been split into Zukini.UI and Zukini.API packages. Please use one of those instead.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
Fully programmable, system-wide hot-key management system. Each hot-key can trigger a script, which can do almost anything.
Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment tool powered by NuGet. OctoPack adds a post-build activity to your Visual Studio project, so that an Octopus-compatible NuGet package is produced in the Bin directory whenever a Release build completes. OctoPackPlus.Core provides isolation and control of t...
White is a framework for automating rich client applications based on Win32, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and SWT (Java) platforms. It is .NET based and does not require the use of any proprietary scripting languages. Tests/automation programs using White can be written with whatever .NET language, ID...
Library for robust UI test
Implements the DirectoryServices authentication provider.
Testura.Android is a lightweight test automation framework for Android built in C#. It contains tools and help classes to test, validate and interact with your Android device or emulator.
Pask is a modular task-oriented PowerShell build automation for .NET. It provides a set of predefined tasks and the ability to create custom ones.
Gravity API core functionality, which can be hosted as a service on platforms like Console Application, ASP.NET Web API, Service Fabric Service, .NET Core application, WCF Selfhost, etc. FREE register at "" in order to be able to use Gravity API
Library to use FlaUI with UIA3.