Top 20 NuGet assembly Packages

Cecil is a library written by Jb Evain to generate and inspect programs and libraries in the ECMA CIL format. It has full support for generics, and support some debugging symbol format. In simple English, with Cecil, you can load existing managed assemblies, browse all the contained types, modify th...
Reads and writes .NET assemblies and modules, Windows PDBs and Portable PDBs.
Reflection metadata reading made easier
Provides class to manage loading assemblies from disk.
Provides useful methods for extracting information from and interacting with assemblies using reflection.
A translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language.
Utilities and smaller MonoMod "components" (f.e. ModInterop, DynDll, DynData). Can be used for your own mods. Required by all other MonoMod components.
Flexible and easily extensible runtime detouring library. Wrap, replace and manipulate (Mono.Cecil) methods at runtime.
General purpose .NET assembly modding "basework". This package contains the core IL patcher and relinker.
A translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language.
This is targeted for signing the contents of NuGet packages that are using unsigned assemblies, in order to be able to link to these packages where the consuming project is strongly named. Access to the original source code is not required, and you may sign any assembly with your own strong naming ...
Auto-generate hook helper .dlls, hook arbitrary methods via events: On.Namespace.Type.Method += YourHandlerHere;
This package extends MSBuilder.GenerateAssemblyInfo to also generate a static `ThisAssembly.Metadata` class with the `@(AssemblyAttribute)` attributes that have `Include="System.Reflection.AssemblyMetadataAttribute"`. So for an attribute like: [assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyMetadataAttri...
A translator implementation of .NET intermediate language to C language.
ResourceLoader is a utility for reading embedded resources from assemblies.
A package containing several unit test helpers for the Ducode.Essentials.Mvc project.
GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET is a class library that enables you to generate documents in popular office and email file formats based upon template documents and data obtained from various sources including databases, XML, JSON, OData, objects of custom .NET types, external documents, and more. The l...
Syntactic (Semantic) Versioning for .NET libraries heavily inspired in elm-package (bump and diff)
A package containing several Assembly related utilities.
Complement for System.Reflection, including an IL disassembler.