Top 20 NuGet argument Packages

Simple argument parser with magnetism.
The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications a clean and concise API for manipulating command line arguments and related tasks.
Flexible option parsing library for command-line parmaeters.
Guard and Validator library. Example: Guard.That(arg1).IsNotNull().GreaterThan(100); Throws an exception if conditions are not met. Supports the ability to get a list of the failed conditions.
CLASP stands for Command-Line Argument Sorting and Parsing - CLASP.NET is the .NET version. The main features are: * parsing of a command-line (string[]) into flags, options, and values; * support of flag/option aliases, via specifications; * support for "--option=value" and "--option", "value" fo...
RubLE4.NET Core components
A sample for Ookii.CommandLine demonstrating how to define and parse arguments. The sample is provided for C# and Visual Basic.
A commandline utility accelerator for "Tasks" style utilities.
A lightweight and extensible guard clause library. Example: Ensure.Arg(param1, "param1").IsNotNull(); The library is easily extensible through the use of extension methods. Even the main Ensure.Arg(...) call can be overridden to whatever you prefer e.g. Verify.That(...) See the project site for ...
Command line arguments parser. See
Argument Assertions provides a fluent, simple and easy to use API for checking valid argument values with strong compile time type checks.
StaticDotNet.ParameterValidation is a fluent library to help easily and consistently validate parameters.
Pass multiple arguments that can be complex objects to another program while executing that program from an executable file. After that, main program can communicate with another program that was executed.
Contains a set of argument validation utilities
NClap is a .NET library for parsing command-line arguments and building interactive command shells. It's driven by a declarative attribute syntax, and easy to extend.
Command-Line Parameters Parsing
Library for simple user-supplied argument handling.
Easy to write, easy to read guard clauses for your .NET methods.
A type-safe and practical CLI parsing library for Fable
Library was created for logging method calls, exceptions, property changes and additional data selected by the user from a solution, and saving the logs in a file with clear, transparent and readable format. Currently logger works only with .Net Framework.