Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

Code analysis for API code file, check comments for documentation
A Roslyn analyzer that verifies if Sitecore ID's and paths are valid in serialized Unicorn data (the Rainbow format)
provides diagnostics and code fixes for uninitialized private fields.
Modefy by wuxf .Add methods lines checked
A diagnostic analyzer for common EntityFramework performance issues.
Jabberwocky Core CodeAnalysis
Jabberwocky Glass CodeAnalysis
Adds try..catch and Logger.Log() inside methods and constructors that will have dire effects if an exception occurs inside. This includes: 1) MEF importing constructors 2) Methods implementing Visual Studio interfaces (Starting with Microsoft.VisualStudio namespace)
This analyzer is meant to help Visual Studio extension authors make sure important exceptions are caught and properly reported to telemetry (i.e. an exception monitoring tool such as Raygun, Exceptionless, Application Insights, etc). The analyzer adds a try..catch block and and a call Logger.LogExc...