Top 20 NuGet task Packages

CorLib is a class-library containing many useful types missing from the .NET Framework, such as Gate, AtomicUInt64, & EventLoopSchedulerSlim, and extension methods expanding on Rx's ToTask for APM integration, as well as WaitHandle conversions to IObsevable<Unit>!
A helper library for using TFS ICancelableAsync with the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) and Visual Studio Async CTP / Visual Studio 11.
An easy-to-use scalable task queue that gives cloud developers a simple way to offload front-end tasks, run scheduled jobs, and process tasks in the background and at scale.
PVC NuGet Plugin for packing, pushing and updating NuGet packages.
Browserify plugin for PVC Builds
uScoober Threading (Tasks)
uScoober Threading (Tasks) for UI (DispatcherTaskScheduler)
A simple type-safe, generic service locator, now with promises and TPL support.
Panteon Task SDK
EasyActor.Pipeline is a lightweigth framework to create asynchroneous pipeline to transform information.
Panteon Task SDK History Storage SqlServer
Umbraco package for periodically downloading files to disk by adding a scheduled task in Umbraco.
software DEVelopment and software OPerationS library which includes a task runner capable of managing configurable light weight tasks.
Gulp Task Listing (gulp-task-listing) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Allows to retry failed tasks using custom strategies.
Implementations of retry strategies for YuKu.Retryable.
Aurelia Task Queue (aurelia-task-queue) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
OneCode.Async extends the basic .NET Task library with lots of frequently-asked helper functions. For example, Task.RunSynchronously executes an async task synchronously; Task.RunPeriodically executes an action periodically. Task.FromEvent creates a Task that waits for an event to occur.
RabbitMQ.Async is a thin wrapper over the official RabbitMQ.Client library that provide integration with Microsoft TPL