Top 20 NuGet task Packages

uScoober Threading (Tasks)
uScoober Threading (Tasks) for UI (DispatcherTaskScheduler)
EasyActor.Pipeline is a lightweigth framework to create asynchroneous pipeline to transform information.
Umbraco package for periodically downloading files to disk by adding a scheduled task in Umbraco.
Schedule task in a procedure queue
Allows to retry failed tasks using custom strategies.
Implementations of retry strategies for YuKu.Retryable.
OneCode.Async extends the basic .NET Task library with lots of frequently-asked helper functions. For example, Task.RunSynchronously executes an async task synchronously; Task.RunPeriodically executes an action periodically. Task.FromEvent creates a Task that waits for an event to occur.
RabbitMQ.Async is a thin wrapper over the official RabbitMQ.Client library that provide integration with Microsoft TPL
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.
A variety of utility classes and methods related to tasks, synchronization contexts, asynchrony, exclusion, and awaiting. Makes tasks queryable and synchronization contexts awaitable. Includes anonymous awaitable types, a void task completion source, a simple one time lock, etc. See the project url...
An ms build task that can: compresses images into a single image, and then creates a css file to split image into sprites; compresses js into a single file, and css into a single file.
Task related helper classes.
This simple open source library provides tools for triggering C#-coded tasks at specified time and/or intervals. Tools are provided to support hosting as a windows service. More info about the project (including code and sample project) from
A scriptcs script pack enabling the creation of scriptcs (.csx) build scripts.
ILMerge.Tools.MSBuildToolTask is a simple MSBuild task that wraps the ILMerge.exe command-line tool. Unlike other ILMerge MSBuild tasks,ILMerge.Tools.MSBuildToolTask is decoupled from the ILMerge assembly which means it does not reference it nor does it load it in-process. Instead, it executes ILMer...
A helper library for unit testing code using the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
MSBuild task to install Nuget packages from local packages folder downloaded by Nuget Package Restore
A C# bootstrapper / task runner that helps you keep your tasks with your code.