Top 20 NuGet task Packages

Scheduling library for (recurring) tasks that need in-memory scheduling.
Standard Web Applications .NET Utilities
RecurrentTasks for .NET allows you to run simple recurrent background tasks with specific intervals, without complex frameworks, persistance, etc...
.Net Core Scheduler Task This package contains the .Net Core Api support for creating custom tasks with IHostedService interface, This package uses the NCrontab for the scheduler time pattern.
C# client-side rate limiting utility. Features: * Easy to use * Fully asynchronous: lower resource usage than thread sleep * Cancellable via CancellationToken * Thread safe so you can share time contraints object to rate limit diferent threads using the same resource * Composable: ability to compos...
Azure Storage provider extension for the Durable Task Framework.
DNTScheduler.Core is a lightweight ASP.NET Core's background tasks runner and scheduler.
Useful extensions contribution by Bnaya Eshet Blog: Source Code: # NuGet this library available on NuGet via Install-Package Bnaya.CSharp.AsyncExtensions ## This library have the following godies: * Except...
C# LINQ Async extension methods library for async/await task.
Ookii.Dialogs is a class library for .Net applications providing several common dialogs. It includes classes for task dialog, credential dialog, progress dialog, input dialog, and common file dialogs. This library is intended for use in WPF applications.
Gear for caching stuff.
This package provides a C# based durable task framework for writing long running applications.
Extension enforces the use of the ConfigureAwait expression. Visual studio extension is available here:
The Connection-Based Asynchronous Messaging (CBAM) SQL.MSbuild assembly contains abstract SQL-oriented MSBuild task, and task which reads file and executes SQL statements contained within.
Dataflow addition to Navvy (a long-running tasks execution framework).
ASP.NET Core Task Scheduler
Extension Methods and Helper classes
Fully compliant Promise library written in C#. Uses Task as the backing source and is fully compatible with async/await.
A long-running tasks execution framework.
Unitysync.Async is a library of extension methods that lets you preform async continuations on Task/Task<T> Types. Allowing you to non-blockingly call async methods on the Unity3D main thread and continue on the Unity3D main thread when the Task/Task<T> is completed.