Top 20 NuGet property Packages

Content protector prevent users from performing certain action for selection of content node. Actions such as saving, trashing, publishing, unpublishing, rollback or deleting.
Library with most used reactive elements, like property, command and sheduled value checker.
Read PropertyPath from lambda expression dynamically. This is very useful for data binding in WPF.
Explicitly load related entities using navigation properties.
Package Description
Provide a binding mechanism between POCO objects
Have JSON.Net deserialize using private setters
SenseLab - Common functionality
Data driven SOLIDWORKS property manager pages based on vPages framework
QtPropertyObserver is library for .NET WPF. This Library can help the properties setter auto complete NofityPropertyChanged. Get more help on sample code. Supported Platform: .Net Framework 4+ 让Property的setter自动调用PropertyChanged方法,避免写一个私有变量,再写一个属性,主要用于WPF程序。使用说明请参阅sample。 支持的平台: .Net Framework 4+
A library containing a Property class that supports bindings, mapping bindings, readonly views and notifications via INotifyPropertyChanged.
Ensuring property injection for CastleWindsor IoC container.
This class library (.Net Standard 2.0) provide a C# bindable component that implements the following .NET Framework interfaces: System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged System.ComponentModel.IDataErrorInfo System.ComponentModel.INotifyDataErrorInfo System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations impleme...
Library was created for logging method calls, exceptions, property changes and additional data selected by the user from a solution, and saving the logs in a file with clear, transparent and readable format. Currently logger works only with .Net Framework.
Library to animate xamarin forms controls using control's properties.
SharpChecker is a CLI program that looks into .NET libraries (dll) and executables (exe) to check on information about specific types as the user has queried. SharpChecker will generate a JSON file that records everything it can about the specified type. Alternatively, the program can also list all ...
Emitted or reflected operations on collections of value properties
Injected dependency for retrieve properties passed via command line or environment
This project allows you easily add dynamic properties to any existing instance without creating derived type in .NET (C# or VB.NET). This approach is similar as attached dependency properties in WPF. It can be used as attribute system for complex definition of data model behavior or just to create t...
A minimod for converting LINQ MemberExpressions into strings representing the path to the member.