Top 20 NuGet property Packages

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A property convention which sets custom type binary blob
A property convention which sets not nullable
A property convention which sets length for strings
The common helper library for System.Reflection
This library contains a way of accessing property setters and getters in a way which is more efficient than reflection, as well as other reflection based functionality
Data driven SOLIDWORKS property manager pages based on vPages framework
Umbraco CMS Datatype - Document Type Picker
A library containing an extension method GetPropertyName which allows retrieving the property name from a lambda expression.
Getter for one or more levels deep nested properties using lambda expression syntax and checking any null reference. It allows also to set up a default value in the case the property is not reachable perhaps because a node is null
Helper methods for validating method arguments in .NET 4.5 and upwards. Similar to the Code Contracts feature, but even easier to use.
The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: "A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications".
Allows to quickly add auto-properties with a pre-defined behaviour to your EPiServer page type.
Revolutionize your MVVM. Compose and connect properties, reuse property patterns, and make your presentation logic code concise, predictable, and less error-prone. Make your async VMs portable.
Extendable macro expansion library.
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Provides a vastly accelerate runtime property implementation that can be applied even to closed-source classes