Top 20 NuGet property Packages

Persimmon.Dried is a random testing library for Persimmon.
Persimmon.Dried.Ext is Persimmon.Dried extensions for C#.
A property editor for Umbraco which looks like the media picker, but lets you search for animated gifs, powered by the Giphy api.
An object model for the Acord - Property 1.16.0 standard providing strongly typed classes that can be serialized/deserializsed to XML.
Package Description
Simpler declaration for WPF Dependency Properties.
Package Description
A property convention which sets column
Persimmon.Dried.Gen provide value generator for property based testing.
Provides base classess for EPiServer properties and set of utility classes.
Image Property for EPiserver 7 provides a rich interface for selecting a images. Tightly integrated with new interface with drag and drop support.
Video Property for EPiserver 7 provides a rich interface for selecting a video clips with support for rendering preview/thumbnail in edit mode. Works with YouTube and Vimeo.
Generic List property for EPiserver 7 provides a possibility to IEnumerable property with UI support in edit mode.
VideoCloud Property. Provides the ability to select videos uploaded to Brightcove video cloud storage.
A small Caliburn.Micro extension to allow exposing Model properties through a ViewModel with a simple attribute.
Easy-to-use calculated properties for MVVM apps (.NET 4, MonoTouch, MonoDroid, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0, and Silverlight 5).
Use Rx additions with Property Framework. Consume sequences of property values and reload calls.
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