Top 20 NuGet property Packages

Umbraco property editors that allow the conditional display of other properties.
Metadata model, parsing, validation and reporting.
Ultimate Rx.Net extension. Turn primitive variable to be reactive ! Refer to readme for more details and examples
Contains the core assembly needed to run Our.Umbraco.GMaps. This package only contains assembly and can be used for development.
Advanced testing library for F#
Integration of Expecto with DiffPlex
MIT licensed C#/.NET parser and writer for Apple and GnuStep Property Lists, supporting ASCII, Binary and Xml formats, based on Java's dd-plist.
An Umbraco property editor to add embed videos without the need for the grid editor.
A property editor for Umbraco 8 which allows you to select multiple dates in the backoffice.
Another color picker for Umbraco using the spectrum plugin customised to match Umbraco UI.
Provides a vastly accelerate runtime property implementation that can be applied even to closed-source classes
Running Hopac jobs from Expecto
Allows to inject proprtiers of classes by using annotations.
Knockout for Cocoa, for C#
Library of reflection related functionality and extension methods.
A dotnet tool that displays project properties.
An umbraco property editor which allows you to pick an icon based on a custom defined SVG spritesheet. This will allow you to render your SVG's inline.
ExpressionDelegates is a tool which generates delegates to properties, fields, methods and constructors used in linq expression trees. This package contains only the base classes required for expression delegates' usage. It should be used in projects that do not contain any linq expressions to gene...
A small netsandard2.0 library that adds generic bindable properties (somewhat inspired by properties from JavaFX).
Awesome Property Extractor, (APE), is a framework for extracting property values in a generic and simple way, primarily from umbraco and affiliated libraries.