Top 20 NuGet Payments Packages

Client for the GoCardless API - a powerful, simple solution for the collection of recurring bank-to-bank payments
Braintree Client Library
Use this SDK to integrate with the Authorize.Net AIM, SIM, ARB and CIM APIs for Payment Transactions, Recurring Billing and Customer Payment Profiles.
Official C# Wrapper for Dwolla's API v2
Vantive XML Express for .NET (VXEN) is a .NET based SDK for interacting with the Vantive XML Express API.
.NET implementation of Worldpay eCommerce XML spec
The easiest way to integrate your .net application with Pinch Payments. Create payers, add payments, receive webhooks, fetch payments, get paid. Really all the good stuff. It's for bank accounts if you didn't already know. I'll assume you did if you got this far, if not, Welcome! but you should prob...
.NET implementation of Worldpay eCommerce XML spec SDK for .NET
The official Smart2Pay library, supporting .NET Standard 1.3+, .NET Core 1.1+, and .NET Framework 4.6.1+ Extensions for Microsoft Configuration and Dependency Injection
This is the .Net SDK for Transbank Integration.
API for Clearhaus A/S acquiring gateway. Documentation can be found at
Unofficial Yandex Checkout mSDK ( Xamarin bindings
The DotDashPay SDK allows you to easily enable payments for your C# or .NET application.
SDK that implements APIs of Juspay's payments as a service platform, Express Checkout. Easily integrate with any payment gateway.
.NET SDK for Paynow Zimbabwe
API Wrapper for Cardknox Payment Processor written in C# Refer to for full API reference or for library reference
Unofficial Yandex Money Android SDK ( Xamarin bindings
Klarna integration API for .NET