Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

This task can be used to Publish test results and upload test attachments on Azure DevOps The following results formats are supported with this package- 1) JUnit - publish tests from Junit projects 2) NUnit- publish tests from Nunit projects 3) VSTest- publish tests from Visual Studio projects 4...
Steps Attribute for NUnit.Allure
DotNet port of
Parse jQuery QUnit JavaScript tests from .NET; you can consequently present the tests and their results in your favourite test library (e.g. NUnit).
MvcRouteTester is a .Net library to help unit testing ASP MVC route tables. It contains asserts for for both regular controllers and the Api controllers that are new in MVC 4.0. It is built in .Net 4.0 and ASP MVC 4.0.
A framework to round trip NUnit to / from Microsoft Excel customer tests
.NET Standard library that provides some extra NUnit functionality.
This package provides extensions to FluentAssertions for the Functional.Unions package.
Extending AutoFixture.AutoMoq to automatically Setup all calls on a mocked interface or abstract class.
Remove test references from an assembly.
Restier is a framework for building convention-based, secure, queryable APIs with ASP.NET. This package contains runtime components for implementing Restier convention semantics and query interception. Commonly used types: Microsoft.Restier.Core.RestierController
TestDriven.Net's minimalist test runner interface.
Helps transform NUnit v2 to NUnit v3. It consists of a set of Roslyn analyzers and code fixers. Add it to your NUnit v2 test projects, make use of auto fixes, adjust manually when needed, bump NUnit to v3.
Enables dependency injection within NUnit using the Unity inversion of control container.
Enables dependency injection within NUnit. Dependency injection support is container specific and provided by separate NuGet packages.
PNUnit provides a way to test applications composed of distributed, communicating components. It was developed by the folks at Codice Software for their internal use and contributed to NUnit. Note that pNUnit is not intended for running tests in parallel simply to make them run faster. It requires ...
This package includes the NUnit 3.4.1 framework assembly, which is referenced by your tests. It also includes a test runner adapter that is used by TestDriven.Net when executing tests. The adapter is named 'nunit.framework.dll.tdnet' and must live in the same directory as the referenced 'nunit.frame...
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with - fluent assertions that are easy to extend - sharp error messages - tools to help you test with “heavyweight” dependencies on - AspNetCore.Mvc, AspNet.Mvc or WebApi Contexts - HttpClient - Ado.Net - Streams & Logging - Mix & match with your favouri...
NUnitForms is an NUnit extension for unit and acceptance testing of Windows Forms applications.
Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It has synchronization mechanisms to control the workflow of the threads and to record the execution steps. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests. ...