Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

NUnit.Mocks was originally developed for internal use in NUnit's own tests, although we no longer use it for that purpose. In addition, it has been useful as a teaching tool, allowing users to gain familiarity with mocking techniques before moving on to more serious frameworks. For production use,...
Ghpr.Core: Core package for test run reporter (NUnit, SpecFlow, MSTest, MSTestV2)
MvcRouteTester is a .Net library to help unit testing ASP MVC route tables. It contains asserts for for both regular controllers and the Api controllers that are new in MVC 4.0. It is built in .Net 4.5 and ASP MVC 5.2. See the project page for packages for ASP MVC 5.0 and ASP MVC 4.0
SpecFlow generator plugin that adds ability to retry tests on failure for MSTest.
Interface that allows Internal Navigation Testing for Behaviour Driven Development Test Library for Xamarin.Forms
Abbotware Interop Library for NUnit - Contains helper methods, extension methods, and plugins
This package includes the TestCentric GUI runner and test engine.
This package provides the TestCentric metadata assembly, which is used by the TestCentric engine. It is provided in a separate package for the benefit of other projects, which may find it useful.
The NunitV2.Core package is aimed at third-party test runners that will normally include the assemblies directly in their own packages. It allows loading and running tests at a fairly low level.
.NET Core global tool continuous test runner that monitors and runs only the tests affected.
Parse jQuery QUnit JavaScript tests from .NET; you can consequently present the tests and their results in your favourite test library (e.g. NUnit).
Remove test references from an assembly.
Helps transform NUnit v2 to NUnit v3. It consists of a set of Roslyn analyzers and code fixers. Add it to your NUnit v2 test projects, make use of auto fixes, adjust manually when needed, bump NUnit to v3.
Tooling to empower BDD-style unit testing conventions. R# snippets for easier usage are available by project URL
Enables dependency injection within NUnit using the Unity inversion of control container.
Enables dependency injection within NUnit. Dependency injection support is container specific and provided by separate NuGet packages.
Steps Attribute for NUnit.Allure
DotNet port of
The NUnit project editor allows easy editing of NUnit projects. It supports a form-based interface for editing properties as well as a rudimentary XML editor. This package includes only the editor, which is also available as a part of the NUnit.Runners package.
Extending AutoFixture.AutoMoq to automatically Setup all calls on a mocked interface or abstract class.