Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

This package helps you to solve expression function in unit test moq framework.
NUnit comparing assertions
Hassle free deep object comparison assertions for NUnit.
DynamicSpecs NUnit integration
Allows access to test case data in TFS from nunit tests, to read parameters and also to update test runs.
Out of the box test automation framework utilizing SpecFlow for API testing.
A library providing NUnit tests with the i-net PDFC server.
Allows you to hierarchically order your entire (or part of) your NUnit test suite, support dependencies between tests and skipping tests if their dependencies fail. Ideal for complex integration tests.
NUnit output logger provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This logger logs messages to an NUnit console with NUnit.Framework.TestContext.Progress.WriteLine()
Project template for getting started using DBConfirm with NUnit and SQL Server
Run NUnit tests in a separate application domain.
Automatic convention based population of test objects. Also includes a number of useful helper methods such as generating random strings, ints, doubles, generic lists & property types such as email, urls, postalcodes, telephone numbers etc. Multi Language data generation including English, Traditi...
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods and Dynamic Private Accessor for NUnit.
MvcRouteTester is a .Net library to help unit testing ASP MVC route tables. It contains asserts for for both regular controllers and the Api controllers that are new in MVC 4.0. It is built in .Net 4.5 and ASP MVC 5.1. See the project page for packages for ASP MVC 5.0 and ASP MVC 4.0
UmbracoContext and ApplicationContext mocking helper for Umbraco 7 unit testing
Serilog.Sinks.ListOfString logs to a list of string so you can test your logging : ``` var log= new List<String>(); var testLogger= new LoggerConfiguration().WriteTo.StringList(log).CreateLogger(); ...tests... log.ShouldContain( entry=>entry.Contains(expectedException.Message) ); ``` `<seealso ...
DotNet port of
DotNet port of
DotNet port of
A sample project to get you up and running with NQUnit using NUnit quickly.