Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

A simple package to speed up the assertion of parameters of methods mocked with Moq
A tool to compare expression trees
Harness is a .NET library designed to manage the state of one or more Mongo databases during testing.
Business logic validation library
The .NET Memory Profiler API can be used to retrieve memory usage information, perform memory assertions, and collect memory snapshots from within a profiled process. This API is intended to be used for automatic memory testing with the help of .NET Memory Profiler or NmpCore. The SciTech.NmpDataC...
NUnitCompanion helpers for NUnit
NUnit console runner for executing tests in the same domain as the Starcounter database
An analyzer to find missing tests for tests written with SmartTests.
SmartTests enables you to write Smarter unit tests, wether you use NUnit, Xunit or MSTests. It is best to install SmartTests.Analyzer and SmartTests.Extension so that missing tests will be displayed. They are Smart in the sense that: 1. The Act line of your test is instantly identifiable. ...
Adds NUnit3 constraints for checking if WPF controls meet Accessibility best practice
NUnit assertions to help you keep an eye on your project references.
Event report factory compatible with NUnit3
NUnit adapter for Skimmia
NUnit 3 constraints for testing and validation XML
Extensions.Logging.ListOfString logs to a list of string so you can test your logging : ``` ILoggerFactory factory=new LoggerFactory.AddProvider(new StringListLoggerProvider()) ILogger logger= factory.CreateLogger("Test1"); ...tests... ; StringListLogger.Instance .LoggedLines .ShouldContain(...
Unit Testing with Local Functions 🐯 Use NUnit to write TDD or BDD tests: ✔️ Arrange / Act / Assert ✔️ Given / When / Then ✔️ Context / Specification
Easy to use, small, SignalR Core (2.1+) unit testing support with NUnit and Moq.
Microsoft IoC integration for Kekiri
DotNet port of
DotNet port of