Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

Library of helpers for testing using the Moq mocking framework
NJasmine is an NUnit extension for writing given/when/then style specifications or tests. Like RSpec, NJasmine as a DSL uses nested anonymous methods to build up a specification. Reference nuget NJasmine to write your specs, and reference nuget NJasmine.NUnit to run your tests.
Test helpers for CoreDdd library
Library which aims to ease unit and integration testing of ASP.NET Web API controllers. Reduces friction by providing a helper class which populates the Request, User and Url properties of the controller and handle their related data dependencies.
Autofac IoC integration for Kekiri
This is a flexible performance benchmark framework. The framework provides custom attributes in order to tag benchmark classes and methods. NPerf uses attributes in much the same may as Nunit. This library is a complete re-write of Jonathan de Halleux's original Nperf framework http://www.codepro...
A NUnit plugin that retries intermittently failing tests.
A bootstrap package for using Selenium with NUnit and Specflow
Testing library providing a fluent tdd/bdd testing approach. Easily extended and integrated into your own testing tools (nunit, xunit, moq, etc). Encourages the creation of easier to read and maintain testing code via the use of fluent builders for scenario's, given/when/thens, Moq verification,...
EFConcurrencyModeTest helps you write unit tests (for e.g. NUnit) that test whether optimistic concurrency for Entity Framework is enabled in your EDMX files.
Extensions for NUnit testing framework.
Generate a data access layer for your SQL Server database for use with the King.Mapper framework.
Contains the NUnit addon assemblies to be put into $NUNIT_INSTALLDIR/addins/
Add FileSandboxFeature to your TestFixture (F2F.Testing.NUnit)
Add LocalDbContextFeature to your TestFixture (F2F.Testing.NUnit)
Test feature for temporary database in PostgreSQL server
Provides base class with generic methods for testing
One assert to rule them all
A lightweight framework for creating unit tests for Roslyn diagnostic analyzers, code fixes and refactorings using NUnit.
A dynamic specification framework for C#.