Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

Analyzer that verifies whether all Tests have a test category assigned (XUnit, NUnit, MSTest)
AllOverIt.Fixture provides a base fixture class with numerous helper methods to assist with creating unit test scaffolding. Utilizes AutoFixture to do most of the hard work.
Test base class using NSubstitute for NUnit tests that lets you skip all the boring setup
NUnit extension that makes tests faster.
An attribute to retry NUnit tests in case of an exception of a given type has been thrown.
Enables dependency injection within NUnit. Dependency injection support is container specific and provided by separate NuGet packages.
A library that promotes testability of applications using the static services of Xamarin Forms.
Synchronise Resources using Blocking behaviour. (Assume that all resources can be run in parallel, apart from some that are flagged to only run with no other resources in action). In the context of Specflow, scenarios can be flagged to run alone using traits. Prevents test runners having to edit ...
A very-slightly-opinionated `dotnet new` template for a component which may be used from the commandline or as an class library. Usage: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dotnet new consoleable [--name MyName] [--xunit] [--nunit] [--sln] [--serilog] [-...
C#/.Net Core/NUnit QA test automation framework.
A C#/.Net Core/NUnit QA test automation framework.
This package offers analyzers to update NUnit to XUnit tests.