Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

A set of unit testing utilities to make unit testing a little easier.
Obsolete: Use NUnitCompanion instead.
The minimal set of dependencies to produce NUnit extensions and addins.
Faking support for DemiCode.Data
Base assembly for PageObjectModels for NUnit based projects
When testing in C# it's not unusual to test instances of a class. The problem we all face is having a place to initialize our objects. 1. Create a field that is initialized and reset on `[TearDown]`? 2. Create a null field that is initialized during `[SetUp]`? 3. Duplicate t...
NUnit plugins used for test result reporting and other services
Core utility functions for web applications automation.
No longer supported - use Unickq.SpecFlow.Selenium for SpecFlow 2.2
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the NUnit.Engine package. Provides a common interface for loading, exploring and running NUnit tests in .NET Core and .NET Standard
Extensions to make automated specifications with a BDD flavor for some .NET testing frameworks
Custom constraints for NUnit.
Console tool for creating NUnit3 HTML reports
Plataforma de testes automatizados utilizando NUnit3/Selenium.
Package Description
Part of attributes to enable DDT Pattern for NUnit and XUnit
A firehose proxy for Winlogbeat
Simple library for NUnit test generation
Extends NUnit to allow the passing of generic parameters to test methods via TestFixtureSource.