Top 20 NuGet nunit Packages

LogoFX Client Mvvm Tests NUnit containing facilities for writing client tests which use NUnit as test provider.
A starter package paired with Joyride.Specflow to quickly get you up and running
Fixtures and helpers for integration testing with xUnit, and NUnit and MS Test.
NUnit.ManualTest is designed to include manual tests in the NUnit Framework infrastructure. The developer simply can add manual test scenarios to an NUnit test that guides a manual tester step-by-step through the testing scenario.
Reporting event model compatible with NUnit report generator (Nure).
A drop-in replacement that allows NUnit style fluent assertions within the XUnit framework!
A bit more extension methods based on FluentAssertions that allow you to more naturally specify the expected outcome of a xTDD test or specification.
A converter from NUnit v3 TestResult.xml to NUnit v2.
Allows creating acceptance tests in developer friendly environment by offering LightBDD.Framework features on top of NUnit 2 testing framework. High level features: * user friendly bdd scenario definitions; * test execution tracing and time measurement, helpful during longer test execution; * Xml/H...
Fody add-in for weaving NUnit Timeout tags on the TestFixture classes with a global maximum. Depending on your setting the slow unit tests are going to fail after the timeout period. The goal is to catch all incorrectly written NUnit tests and to force them to execute quickly. This will provi...
UmbracoContext and ApplicationContext mocking helper for Umbraco 7 unit testing. This package is intended to be installed in your web project.
A simple .NET library for Windows based on the SharpAvi library and designed for recording video from the screen during NUnit test runs.
Pask extension that provides test automation functionality with code coverage reports generated by dotCover.
This package can be used to easily run a unit test project using the .NET Memory Profiler tool NmpCore after the build of a project. It is suitable to be used together with the .NET Memory Profiler API (SciTech.MemProfilerApi), which can be used to perform memory assertions, retrieve memory usage, a...
Contains wrapper for nunit for easy switch between unit test frameworks. This package is aimed to support enterprise level automation where switching between unit test framework is big issue. By wrapping unit test assertion you are able to treat your assertion as interface and seamlessly move from...
Fluent NUnit specification extensions that will run under NCrunch, and ReSharper test runners.
Restier is a framework for building convention-based, secure, queryable APIs with ASP.NET. This package contains runtime components for implementing Restier convention semantics and query interception. Commonly used types: Microsoft.Restier.Core.RestierController
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with - fluent assertions that are easy to extend - sharp error messages - tools to help you test with “heavyweight” dependencies on - AspNetCore.Mvc, AspNet.Mvc or WebApi Contexts - HttpClient - Ado.Net - Streams & Logging TestBase.Mvc is renamed ...
Extensions and helpers to make unit testing with NUnit a little easier
Gulp Nunit Runner (gulp-nunit-runner) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.