Top 20 NuGet number Packages

Converts a number to text. For example, converts 123.45 to "One hundred twenty-three and 45/100". Useful for check printing or other cases where you want to display a number as text.
Knihovnička, která převede čislo do jeho české slovní podoby.
Genumerics is a library that provides generic numeric operations
NumRand generates random numbers from chaotic motion. Each different initial position of the algorithm yields unique results.
Do you have any data to check? NIP NIF CPF CNPJ Date Number Decimal Hour Money Card URL Email So, this framework is for you.
LongCalcNetCore Arbitrary Precision Float and Complex Number Library
Go global with this simple library for currency formatting, number formatting and message translation supporting a wide range of customization through custom factory implementations.
This is simple package to convert English number To Nepali number or devanagari number.
Number system conversion tool
Small Utility functionalities and a null exception check for our desired fields
Case number parsing solution for Molecule Software Applications
Very small and simple library that gets the functionality of generating quasi-random numbers. Based on System.Security.Cryptography. Generates a single number or set of unique random numbers. Lower bound is one, upper bound is set by user. User can also provide the number of elements in the set.
A library that validates if the document id is valid or not.
This perfect library can split your numbers per groups you want. All numeric variables are supported. Example: input: 1235439844,45432234 output: 1 235 439 844,45432234