Top 20 NuGet number Packages

Verifies serial numbers or license keys generated using BarbezDotEu.License.Generation. The generator is suited for most of your license key or serial number needs, using TPL and async. The generator produces keys or serials that are easy to read out loud one human to another. At the same time, the ...
Transforms numbers or amount of money into words.
Class library containing useful general-programming classes and extension methods for existing types.
An extension to the jQuery Validation Plugin which makes it use Globalize for number and date parsing (enabling simple internationalized validation).
Package Description
Aids in normalizing phone numbers
A simple package to work with danish social security numbers C#
LongCalc Arbitrary Precision Float and Complex Number Library
Portable Class Library of the C# port of Google's common Java, C++ and Javascript library for parsing, formatting, storing and validating international phone numbers. For usage samples:
Tools and extensions to the .Net framework.
jQuery plugin that automatically formats currency (money) and numbers as you type on form inputs. It supports most International numeric formats and currency signs including those used in Europe, North and South America, Afirica, Asia and India lakhs
BinInfo gets information about Credit Card Issuers through public REST API. is a public web service for searching Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN). The first 6 digits of a credit card number are known as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), previously know...
A javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers. Package issues? Pleae post them here
Validate article numbers (EAN8, EAN13, GTIN, ISBN10, ISBN13, ISSN, UPC, ASIN). Detect the article number type of a code
Number To Words (number-to-words) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Android quantity view with add and remove button to simply use as a complex widget with handful of quick customizations. Source and demo available on project site.
Interpolator Smooth Bezier Cubic Hermite TextPlotter NumberBases ToBase FromBase ToHex FromHex ToLetterSequence FromLetterSequence Randomizer GetRandomItem GetInt32 GetDouble GetSingle IsInRectangle GetCenter AbsoluteDistance IsPowerOf2 LogRatio RoundToSignificantDigits RoundWithStep ScaleLinearly S...
Country Validator is a library that can be used to validate VAT/TVA codes, social security numbers and TINs (Tax Identification Numbers). All countries from European Union are supported and United States.
The library for detecting the type of file based on file header signature (magic number). Implementation for .NET Standard 2.0.