Top 20 NuGet nuget Packages

A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and git repositories.
A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and git repositories.
Automatically creates a NuGet package from your project each time it builds. The NuGet package is placed in the project's output directory. If you want to use a .nuspec file, place it in the same directory as the project's project file (e.g. .csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj). This adds a PostBuildScripts...
NuGet explorer library.
[UNOFFICIAL] NuGet Package Management - this is a .NET Standard port of NuGet.PackageManagement Note it is only public-signed Source code:
Provides easy way to execute NuGet-based MSBuild tasks.
Addon services where missing dependencies can be loaded
NuGet Protocol for 3.1.0 servers
NuProj provides an MSBuild-based approach to create NuGet packages (.nupkg). The build projects are called .nuproj files and are regular MSBuild projects. In general, the definition of a NuProj file is very similar to the NuGet .nuspec file – except that it is done via MSBuild. In fact, NuProj gene...
NuGet explorer library.
Automagically update nuget packages in .NET projects
NuGet's protocol-level base types used for connecting to API v2 and API v3 repositories.
SynchroFeed is an extensible framework for integrating with a Nuget-like feeds to perform syncing, cataloging and validation of Nuget and Chocolatey packages
This is targeted for signing the contents of NuGet packages that are using unsigned assemblies, in order to be able to link to these packages where the consuming project is strongly named. Access to the original source code is not required, and you may sign any assembly with your own strong naming ...
MSBuild task to restore Nuget content files to project folder
NuGet.Core is the core framework assembly for NuGet that the rest of NuGet builds upon.
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get but for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using PowerShell as its focus for delivering packages from the di...
APIs for invoking NuGet services in Visual Studio.
Syntactic (Semantic) Versioning for .NET libraries heavily inspired in elm-package (bump and diff)
Common functionality for working with NuGet.