Top 20 NuGet nuget Packages

Microsoft Build tasks used to create NuGet packages and their references.
Framework for UI Automation Testing. Web, Mobile, Desktop
A backoffice plugin to view installed NuGet packages on an Umbraco instance
Shared test infrastructure for the NuGet Platform
Common Client tools for the NuGet Service Platform
Access Sleet.exe commands through the Sleet API.
Collection of test tools and libraries
IRIMC Identity utitlity to help developers faster coding.
A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and git repositories.
MSBuild task that implements 'Constrained Semantic Version' on Git and stamps produced assembly by automatically generating AssemblyVersion, FileVersion and InformationalVersion attributes. Please see
Cake extension that enables Cake scripts to obtain SimpleGitVersion information from current Git repository.
See project site for example code usage.
Generic part of service for publishing of NuGet packages
Provides MSBuild properties and targets that automatically enable static analysis tools, NuGet packaging, documentation generation and local deployment. No configuration necessary.
NuGet's client configuration settings implementation.
Implements SVersion to handle strict SemVer 2.0 versions (the whole specification is implemented), a CSVersion class that handles all aspects of a CSemVer ( version and InformationalVersion to help generating and parsing CSemVer standardized InformationalVersionAttribute value.
Detailed summary is mentinoed below: This AUTOPKG has been created using Microsoft's CoApp tool. NOTE : CoApp project is developed and maintained under the APACHE LICENSE, 2.0 '' The intent is to make the necessary build artifa...
This library allows you to easily interact with nuget feeds either over the network or locally. You can search, download, and copy package contents
This library contains attribute which is used by NuGetUtils.Tool.Exec tool when it executes a method within a NuGet package. This attribute can be used to modify the behaviour of NuGetUtils.Tool.Exec and how it detects the method to be executed.
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