Top 20 NuGet nuget Packages

Cake Build addon to build Nuget version numbers
Client library for the NuGet Search Service
Seamlessly extends any (.csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj) project to produce a NuGet package (.nupkg) and symbols at compile time. Supports publishing of packages when project is build or through MSBuild properties.
NuGet Command Line Tool with props file.
Symbol and source server counterpart to NuGet.Server. Can also host NuGet and OpenWrap packages on its own.
Implementation of NuGet package repository that stores package metadata in a Lucene index for very fast package lookup and search capabilities. Includes an optional file system watcher that will keep packages on disk in sync with the Lucene index. This package does not serve as a standalone package ...
Provides controllers and WCF Data Services classes that can be exposed in an application to expose a NuGet.Lucene repository over the web.
Tool to auto-generate BCL package nuspec dependencies for CoreCLR projects
Syntactic (Semantic) Versioning for .NET libraries heavily inspired in elm-package (bump and diff)
This is a fork of SymbolSource.Server.Basic
Core of the NuGet Services Platform
Deployment classes for Dropcraft, a NuGet-based deployment and application composition framework for .NET and .NET Core.
A Photon plugin for interacting with NuGet using the core libraries.
Add a NuGet package only for dll reference? By using dotnetCampus.SourceYard, you can pack a NuGet package with source code. By installing the new source code package, all source codes behaviors just like it is in your project.
This tool will restore the given NuGet package.
This tool will restore the given NuGet package and then execute a method within the restored DLLs. The method does not need to be marked as entrypoint, and it may contain other parameter types than the default string array type.
This tool will deploy the given NuGet package by copying the DLL and generating .deps.json and .runtimeconfig.json files, or by copying all non-framework assemblies into single folder.
Giving Nuget some of the awesomeness of Bundler for ruby gems
Simple and yet effective script debugging, tracing, coverage, and other tools. They are designed for any PowerShell host and may be used in the NuGet console for debugging and testing NuGet and Visual Studio specific scripts.
WixNuGetPackager enables the distribution of Windows Installer XML (WiX) libraries and extensions using NuGet packages. WixNuGetPackager is itself distributed as a NuGet package which can be installed in WiX library or extension projects. Once installed in a project, WixNuGetPackager extends the bui...