Top 20 NuGet nuget Packages

Microsoft Build tasks used to create NuGet packages and their references.
This is a cross platform command line tool that enables you to modify project.json file. You will usually need this for your build scripts when you want to patch project.json file for version increments, or adding release notes.
Complete Nuget package of libzmq with libsodium and C++ headers for MSVC versions v140, v120, v110
Common components to support the projects for the SpecByExample Visual Studio extension. The extension offers an intuitive way to create a testing-solution for a Specification by Example approach to automated testing of webbased application.
Pask extension that provides NuGet functionality to create and publish a package.
NuPack Extension .NET 4.0+ provides interface to extends NuPack
This package contains executable which combines the functionalities of UtilPack.NuGet.Deployment and UtilPack.ProcessMonitor packages: it can restore missing packages, and then execute and monitor them.
Ggg NugetApp First Version.
NuGet client's authentication models.
MSBuild, csproj and props package reference editor.
A backoffice plugin to view installed NuGet packages on an Umbraco instance
Common Client tools for the NuGet Service Platform
SPMeta2 provision provider for MetaPack platform. Enables packaging and deployment of SPMeta2 models into MetaPack packages
SharePointPnP provision provider for MetaPack platform. Enables packaging and deployment of SharePointPnP models into MetaPack packages
Common services for basic operations such as install, list, upgrade for MetaPack platform.