Top 20 NuGet nuget Packages

Framework for Web UI Automation Testing
A MetadataReferenceResolver that allows inline nuget references to be specified in script(csx) files.
Quicken Interchange Format API (.NET Managed Wrapper)
Client for the NuGet Work Service
Implementation of NuGet package repository that stores package metadata in a Lucene index for very fast package lookup and search capabilities. Includes an optional file system watcher that will keep packages on disk in sync with the Lucene index. This package does not serve as a standalone package ...
NuGet Package Management
Framework for UI Automation Testing. Web, Mobile, Desktop
Framework for UI Automation Testing. Web, Mobile, Desktop
Sleet is a cross platform command line tool to generate NuGet v3 static feeds.
This tool will restore the given NuGet package and then execute a method within the restored DLLs. The method does not need to be marked as entrypoint, and it may contain other parameter types than the default string array type.
使代码在编译期执行,以提升运行时效率。 SourceFusion 提供了一套编译期代码执行框架,以便将运行时可能耗时的操作提前到编译期执行。
This allow DNX project to use 'Constrained Semantic Version' on Git. Stamps produced assembly by automatically generating AssemblyVersion, FileVersion and InformationalVersion attributes. Please see
Pask extension that provides NuGet functionality to create and publish a package.
NetSqlAzMan is for all Microsoft .NET 4.0 developers that need to manage loosely-coupled applicative authorizations, that is, weakly coupled with source code, in a light and fast way having all these authorizations in a relational database such as MS Sql Server (2000/MSDE/2005/2008/Express).
NuGet interface for Orchard CMS
NuProj provides an MSBuild-based approach to create NuGet packages (.nupkg). The build projects are called .nuproj files and are regular MSBuild projects. This package provides additional MSBuild targets for non-NuProj projects. Install this package to projects that are being directly or indirectly...
ZeroMQ \zeromq\: - Connect your code in any language, on any platform. - Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, TPIC, multicast. - Smart patterns like pub-sub, push-pull, and router-dealer. - High-speed asynchronous I/O engines, in a tiny library. - Backed by a large and active open source commun...
A PowerShell task runner based on Invoke-Build. Invoke-Build is a build and test automation tool which invokes tasks defined in PowerShell scripts. It is similar to psake but arguably easier to use and more powerful. Removes the boilerplate code from your build scripts and supports a convention-base...
Framework for UI Automation Testing. Web, Mobile, Desktop
A backoffice plugin to view installed NuGet packages on an Umbraco instance