Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

packete que sirve para realizar operaciones basicas como: envio de correo, realizar operaciones en el active directory como logear y consultar usuario y crear archivos de icalendar en MVC o C# para escritorio
Initial releaseAssistant that will bind all your services, adapters etc. with a single command, while still using any IoC you may wish, or sticking to the default MVC implementation. In your Startup.cs file invoke BindDependencies() on IServicesCollection and pass in required parameters. Every Inte...
My package description.
System.Web.Mvc Common Extensions.
Package Description
Usage: In your view @using ExicoAspMvcPaging @Html.Raw(Html.RenderPaging(Model.PagingInfo.TotalItemCount, Model.PagingInfo.ItemsPerPage, new PagerOptions() { PageParam = "CurrentPage", ...
M2.NET is a .NET library created by Miracle He based on DDD, Web API and Asp.Net Mvc.
The package contains a BaseController and BaseViewModel used for route-hijacking in umbraco. ========================================================================= This package is part a set of smaller modules that I have found useful when working with umbraco. Other packages...
MVC Sample Project
Create subdomain routes like default route semantics, build subdomain links with helpers.
Empty DNT.Identity project
Extension for web, framework45 plus
Create default Users and Roles using Asp.Identity.
Package Description
MVC DLL NuGet 1. Edit Site.css 2. Loadingoverlay
The core implementation library for Frappe. Frappe is a compile time bundler for JavaScript, Css, and Less for high volume, high performance ASP.NET sites.
System.Waf is a lightweight framework that helps you to create well-structured XAML applications. This package supports writing unit tests of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications.