Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

Glue for .NET and Web applications
Skeleton of sample files that can be used as reference for doing your own themes and localizaton
Package Description
Holds helpers and
dal demo
Requires that all methods of contollers should return Task<T>
Core Knight Blades for ASP.NET Core Mvc, used when Coding with Honor!
Model to Querystring is an extension method, which will help you to generate the Querystring from the model
WPF MVC Framework
Adds the posibility to mark the EPiServer Category property with a path that defines the root of the category listing For more information see:
Asp.Net Identity management dashboard to help you manage user accounts and roles
Provides caching functionality for images used in MVC using Redis. Further details and usage here: Sample demo see Nuget package RedisImageCacher.Demo
Supports - Etag validation - Client cache (max age) - Memorycache - Time consuming elements can be cached in memory on the server
Net Site Utility
SoYuan DDDLite Base