Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

Convert any URL into Link when user paste it in textbox
Library containing all the core MVC models needed for using the Narato ResponseMiddleware stack
Pacote com todas dependecias para projetos MVC da RP Smart
Base of EntityFramework Data ,Automatic Register Entity And Mapping
Absteration Data For Use Mv.FrameWork
dotnetCore Customs Framework
Agent for
Only sdk
Contains helper functionality to set up an Invincible.Licensing.Core service in an ASP.Net Core Mvc project
Kaizen MVC Trace is developed to trace execution time taken by each action methods
Route management for ASP.NET MVC
Tools for developers to develop MVC application according to IRIMC standards.
HtmlHelpers e Custom attributes facilitadores na construção de grids com suporte a ordenação dinâmica utilizando datatables.js no mvc5
Strongly typed i18n (internationalization) for dot net core. This is a .net core port of's respected i18n for MVC5 (xml resources) ++. Tutorials provided.
Include base interfaces for Entity, Navigation and String Extensions, when include: logging, stringstate and shellstate (bracket and parenthetically) mvc ef
Image carousel widget for Kentico MVC
FluentValidation support to validate IBAN user input.
ASP.NET Core Pagination TagHelper