Top 20 NuGet ioc Packages

.NetCore bits. SourceLink is enabled.
Stashbox is a lightweight, portable dependency injection framework for .NET based solutions.
Autofac implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, the .NET Framework dependency injection abstraction.
Simple CQRS implementation that utilizes the decorator pattern. SourceLink is enabled.
Implementation of CommonServiceLocator for DryIoc container, see rationale at
Cross-Cutting.NetCore bits. SourceLink is enabled.
Simple dynamic controllers package that puts the focus on resources. SourceLink is enabled.
AspNetCore bits. SourceLink is enabled.
Simple domain events. SourceLink is enabled.
Catel.Core library.
Autofac extension for automocking and creation of mock objects in Moq.
DryIoc is fast, small, full-featured IoC Container for .NET
Simple Injector is an easy, flexible and fast dependency injection library that uses best practice to guide your solutions toward the pit of success.
Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC Integration.
Simple Injector ASP.NET Web API Integration.
Package Description
This package exists for backward compatibility. Otherwise Unity.WCF should be used directly.
The Simple Injector ASP.NET Integration package adds a lifestyle to the Simple Injector called 'Per Web Request', which allows instances to live within a single HTTP request and get disposed when the request ends.
Adds support for packaging sets of related services to allow registering them together. Consumers can implement the IPackage interface and use the RegisterPackages extension method to dynamically add registrations in the supplied list of assemblies.
Quick Start for Simple Injector ASP.NET Web API integration for IIS-hosted applications. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an Web API application.