Top 20 NuGet forms Packages

Forms implementation of a USB monitor to signal if a USB device is plugged in or out. Documentation included.
This package contains fancy alerts for Windows Forms applications
Custom themed contols for Windows Forms
Package Description
Interactive and modern calendar for Xamarin forms with two weeks shown.
Modern Xamarin.Forms Calendar that is both interactive and also fits well with only two weeks showing.
Some Test
Package Description
TriggerIt is a lightweight library for triggering actions based on logged events or uptime. It's origin is in Xamarin Forms development but it can be easily extended.
IT-Enterprise CoreUWP for Xamarin Forms
IT-Enterprise CoreStandard for Xamarin Forms
IT-Enterprise CoreiOS for Xamarin Forms
IT-Enterprise CoreDroid for Xamarin Forms
Package Description
Controles para Xamarin Forms - CalendarView [MinimumDate, MaximunDate, Date, Customize Colors]
Waterfall CollectionView with custom height for each item and more for Xamarin Android and iOS
ExpandCollapsePanel is WinForms control has similar to WPF Expander control. Control displays a header that has a collapsible window that displays content.
A collection of controls for Xamarin.Forms that have a floating label above.
A responsive LayoutView for Xamarin.Forms where you can define multiple layout templates for different widths, platforms or device types (Idioms).
Helpful Forms Framework