Top 20 NuGet forms Packages

Cross Platform Audio Player from System.IO stream for Xamarin forms iOS,Android, UWP
Ecommunity.Mobile.PMR library
A Xamarin.Forms UI control package
Tomei a liberdade de pegar o pacote Flunt criando pelo MVP Asp Net André Baltieri e transformar em uma portable library para ser usando no xamarin forms . A wiki contendo a explicação de usar o pacote está em
Plugin for Xamarin forms. Thread view
This package implements the charting components for MonoCode Forms
This package contains the cross-platform MonoCode Forms framework and controls.
Role provider to work with Forms Authentication web projects
Bonus controls for Xamarin Forms to help ease the development of cross platform applications.
The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.
Xamarin Location Plugins
CodeQuasar Xamarin Forms Custom Controls
Gava Windows Forms.
Package Description
Ready to use dialogs with Rg.Plugins.Popup and InputKit
QuiuiTool is a Windows Forms application designed to manage the run of the web testing automated. Videos about QuiuiTool at
Xamarin Forms controls made with SkiaSharp.
MvvmFlex.Core is the core library for MvvmFlex.
Clarity is an application framework based on Xamarin Forms