Top 20 NuGet forms Packages

A checkbox for Xamarin.Forms
(RENAMED TO DashMVVM) Please uninstall this library and replace it with DashMVVM. In your code update all FeatherView occurences to DashView and FeatherViewModel to DashViewModel. Apologies for the inconvinience.
Inspired by MvvmCross for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS, this is a basic Mvvm library for WinForms that seeks to channel the ease, structure and clarity that simple, robust and predictable databinding brings to apps.
A tool for binding controls, variables and typed event handlers to custom Settings classes.
Common bytes for all of covalition's projects (Forms)
Binding for Windows Forms
DK: build tools
AeroSuite is a WinForms Control Library that provides extended functionality for pre-existing controls and also new controls. Unlike most (if not all) similar libraries, this library is aimed at supporting every platform: Windows XP to 10 and Linux with Mono are supported by most of the controls.
Application Logging for Xamarin Forms, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, WPF, and UWP,
Tools in the package: • Property Bag - set/unset a number of enum-based flags
An extension of Xamarin Forms SearchBar for implementing Google Places Autocomplete using Google Places API.
Dynamic Controls
This library adds some non-existent functionality to controls such as ListView, Entry, Picker, and Slider.
Uses very simple CSS-style theme file to alter class properties. Property values must match parameters for a constructor of the property type. Colors come from the System.Drawing.KnownColors enum. Example: @vals { myFont: Segoe UI, 9.0, Regular; } @modules { //Default is WinForms myMo...
A simple Cron scheduler for Xamarin Forms
Control DataGrid para apps en Xamarin.Forms
Control PopUp para Xamarin Forms
A simple .NET standard 2.0 MVVM framework in C#. It is designed to be used with WPF, UWP and Xamarin Forms.
Simple and effective controls for developing web sites base on ASP.NET Forms
Nuget for common methods about digitalPersona 4500 Reader FingerPrint.