Top 20 NuGet forms Packages

A library to enable direct binding of events in your views and methods in the view models, provide easy way of creating commands and commands collection, and also create data preview of your view models at design time.
A .Net toolkit library for accessing Google Forms pages programmatically.
Xamarin Forms Tutorial Screens
Mocks for Sample Applications With Xamarin.Forms
The library contains Windows.Forms controls.
ViewModel-first mvvm framework for Xamarin.Forms. Lightweight, it adapts Xamarin's existing mvvm engine.
Onvenient element for display TabView in Xamarin.Forms
Library to animate xamarin forms controls using control's properties.
library to implement mvvm in xamarin forms
This library provides functionality to group elements together and modify them on events to indicate a busy UI when performing work. The library was specifically designed for server side Blazor and triggers directly on the client when an event occurs so the UI is adjusted instantly without laten...
Converters, EventToCommandBehavior, EventService to communicate between different application components, CacheService based sqlite
Automatic dependency injection and configuration library for Xamarin.Forms
Class library containing common abstractions to support development of common forms.
ASP.NET MVVM provides a framework to implement the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, a.k.a. the Presentation Model pattern in ASP.NET projects. Developers can take advantages of Dependency Injection and Event Broker to write concise, elegant and business focused code.
A toolkit for WinForm for the Kinect for Windows SDK
Advanced Windows Forms controls
Currently available controls : Extenders BalloonTipExtender: provide a extender to show balloon for TextBoxBase controls; CueTextExtender: provide a extender to add cue text for TextBoxBase and ComboBox controls; ValidatorExtender: provide a simple way to validate user entries (like; Con...
Wizard UI library for WinForms.
MVVM FX is a base framework for building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It includes Data binding, Command binding and DependencyObject/DependencyProperty for Windows Forms.