Top 20 NuGet efcore Packages

A base repository for Entity Framework Core
1.EFCore扩展 支持多租户软删除的自动设置和过滤 2.在领域层上定义抽象的领域服务上下文
1.EFCore扩展 支持多租户软删除的自动设置和过滤 2.在领域层上定义抽象的领域服务上下文
a simple filter for ef core. modelBuilder.AddFilter<F>(Expression<Func<F, bool>> lambdaExpression)
Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) Entity Framework Core for Oracle Database
Intended framework EFCore bridge
netcore Utils
Database migration utility for EF Core.
.net core 数据访问扩展包;
Async paging and sorting for .net core & ef core made easy!
Database utilities for Entity Framework - Proper enum handling (mapping to lookup tables with cache) - List merging - Property mapping - Save validation (to get the underlaying error messages) - Audit functionality - Various helpers
Generic CQRS and Unit Of Work implementation
Lightweight Reliable Messaging Framework with Outbox
Idempotent SQL Generator for Oracle
A simple and extensible library to map DTOs (or anything!) using powerful expressions.
AutoEFCoreMigration enables you to automatically run .net core migrations. It is especially useful in docker enviroments.
This package is written to automatically migrate pending migrations. It was written for use especially when deploying in a docker environment. It has support for serilog and microsoft loggers.
A simple tool that helps with common scenarios while using Entity Framework Core command-line tool (dotnet-ef) Enables these commonly used commands: dotnet ef-contrib recreate dotnet ef-contrib squash dotnet ef-contrib add dotnet ef-contrib remove dotnet ef-contrib config
Extensions for the DbContext class to configure the annotations provided in EFTimestamps.Annotations
Annotations to mark your props within your entities to be treated as timestamps for creation and last modification